iPad mini to the device family

Today, this little silver guy-it got added to the device family. Got it introduced to Windows m/c and also to two phones Android and Tizen. 

Slowly house is coming up as mini IoT, ready to get messed or mashed with other tots or dots devices. 

Did I forgot to mention, that I got in heavily discounted price.

Again, this mini is for my sweet mini cuddle wife. She needs it for her new mission.


Writing Objective-C code on Windows

I can not buy one iMac machine and I really really want to learn this fast. Office environment does not allow me to learn and focus is to deliver something quick.

That made me to hunt down ways to learn coding objective-c on windows. There were annoying links and suggestions. Honestly none is perfect and all hacks are just hacks. If you are serious you need to have one iMac machine.

In case just you want to warm your hands quickly, you can try below links.



I was able to write quick hello world program through notepad++ editor. Problem is that I needed to run make each time I had to compile program. Its pain in the butt.

I thought Microsoft WinObjC will help but focus is more of porting or moving the objective-c herd over windows or C#.

This tutorial is handy for novice.


I can update this once I get more dirty.



Starting i of iOS world

After much deliberation and anxiety time, I chose the law of change rule. Last week I switched over to iOS software team and hence everything is looking unknown “i” to me.

With a span of fifteen years of software carrier as Windows and Linux developer it was hard and emotional decision to choose altogether a new platform.

So I am in.

Its fun with iMac platform. I guess it will be damn funny to see a old Windows guy working on Xcode editor on iMac. I needed to Google for alternate commands of windows to iMac

Xcode and objective-c is fun. I had learnt several programming languages before but learning this is different.
In this soft-world (software) journey, I had learnt and used following languages:
Pascal ( academic projects)  — Imperative and procedural programming paradigm
COBOL ( academic projects) — Imperative and procedural programming paradigm
C (professional and regular till now) — Imperative and structural programming paradigm
C++ ( professional and regular till now) — Object Oriented programming paradigm
Prolog ( academic projects) — Declarative and logic programming paradigm
LISP ( academic projects) — Functional programming paradigm
OZ ( academic projects) — Constraint programming paradigm
Simula ( academic projects) — Object Oriented programming paradigm
Java ( academic projects) — Object Oriented programming paradigm
C# ( professional and regular till now) — Object Oriented programming paradigm
Ruby ( for fun and interest) — Dynamic & Object Oriented programming paradigm
Python ( for fun and interest) — multi-paradigm (dynamic, interpreted)
JavaScript ( for quick short work) — multi-paradigm (dynamic, interpreted)
PHP ( for quick short work) — multi-paradigm (dynamic, interpreted)

Each language learning has story attached with time and place.

Apart from this I learnt UI development frameworks for Windows (standalone and web). These are like:
Win32 SDK  ( professional work)
MFC ( professional work)
WinForms ( professional work)
WPF ( professional work)
ASP (for quick short work)

That’s little knowledge of languages and frameworks in vast computer programming world.

So its new start to a new Language, new framework and new OS platform.

I liked it and hope to make some cool programs soon.

Drones are the main show in 2016 CES

Much awaited CES (Consumer Electronic Show) is seeing accelerated technology in drones.
CES 2016

Yesterday, it was Parrot disco, a ready to fly, a first wing shaped drone that were all over the tech news on web.
Parrot Disco drone

And today news is all about  Ehang 184, first of its kind to transport man. They claim it to be next generation of personal transport medium.

Lot to watch in this space and tremendous opportunity I see arising out of this in all sectors around us. I think a smart city now needs to consider the use of drones, and so houses, roads, and changing capacities needs to be thought about.

Why doctor’s don’t fall sick?

Like a kid I always wonder with this stupid thought, that why do doctor’s don’t fall sick or at least I have not found sick around me.

Really is it true? I don’t have answers or I did not ask anybody or I don’t want to feel stupid or I have not have close doctor friends to ask.

Whatever, and whatever the fact; if I have to think about the reason I would say they avoid to fall in the third category by being alert to be in first category.
1: Self care
2: Health care
3: Sick care.

So “self care” is the mantra or the practice that lets them out of sick bucket. Whatever may be the age of  the Doctor, they just care and care to be not cared by anybody else.

My father is not a Doctor but his food habits and lifestyles is as far with a doctor and that’s why I have not seen him sick until he turned the age of seventy five(75). For the last couple of years he has been visiting for “sick” reasons that can happen to anybody unfortunate. I have seen doctors and nurses getting surprised of his lifestyle.

That says, we all can do, and we don’t have to become doctor.